for your Tuesday


“The discovery of God lies in the daily + the ordinary, not in the spectacular and the heroic.  If we cannot find God in the routines of home and shop, then we will not find him at all.  Ours is to be a symphonic piety in which all the activities of work and play and family and worship and sex and sleep are the holy habitats of the eternal.”
Richard Foster, Prayer

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“Small things don’t always turn into big things.  But all things begin small, especially in the kingdom of God.  Acorns become oak tress.  Embryos become President.  Life starts with a breath.  Love starts with hello.

Tuesday reminds me to accept the beauty of smallness, hiddenness, and the secret work of Christ in the deepest part of who I am.  I want to let him come out of me in any way he wants, no matter how it may seem to me–whether that be in one big way or in a million little ways.

While I stay small in the presence of Christ, I’m aware of his invitation to me, to stand on tiptoe and see, as my dad often says, beyond what is to what could be.  And this doesn’t mean I am to dream big and amazing things for God.  Rather, it means I am to believe in a big and amazing God, period.  I can trust him to be himself even as I dare to be myself.

And maybe as I do that, I’ll realize that starting small isn’ t a means to a bigger end, rather I start small because it’s what I am.  And this is good and right and holy.  Who would despise the day of small things?

As citizens of an invisible kingdom, we refuse to take our living cues from a world that say to build, grow, measure, and rush to keep up.  Instead we take our cues from the new hope alive within us, from the life of Christ who has made our hearts his home.  We’ll stop trying to keep up with the fast-moving world and, instead, we’ll settle down and keep company with the small moments of our lives.

We’ll pay attention to them, listen to what they have to teach us, not rush by them as if they are unimportant.  We know better than that by now.  We know the way these small moments link arms with one another to form the timelines of our lives.  Moments: the keys to the kingdom.  We know how we approach, consider, react, and exist within these small moments are indicators of how we approach, react, and exist in our whole lives.  We can’t afford to miss them.”

Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday