yarn along


I cast on Phoebe’s birthday sweater a few days ago.  Appropriately, the pattern is “Phoebe’s sweater” and it’s one she saw and fell in love with awhile ago.  She keeps asking me if I’m knitting it for her and I’m trying to pretend that I’m not, but realistically I will probably need to try it on her throughout, so I’m sure the secret will be out sooner than later.  I am enjoying knitting it so far except that it’s making my wrists ache–maybe because the needles are larger and the yarn is pretty slippery so I’m having to hold it more firmly?  (Also, I finished Philippa’s leksak a few days ago and you can see pictures in my last post.)

I finished Crossing the Waters and definitely would recommend it for someone wanting a fresh look at the Gospels, and a fresh encounter with Jesus.  I’ll post a review soon (behind on those, per usual).  I’ve just begun Shannan Martin’s new memoir Falling Free: Rescued from the Life I Always Wanted about her and her husband’s selling of their farm/dream life and moving into the city to follow God’s call to a “less is more” life.  I’m sure this will be interesting to read/contemplate as B and I look to buy our first home.

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