yarn along


Still working on Phoebe’s leksak.  I had to rip out the front edging part way through, realizing I had picked up the stitches on the wrong side of the fabric.  So I’m just now on the first sleeve.  I’m trying to force myself to work monogomously on this project until done, but I did cast on some Christmas socks for Brandon and trying to work on them secretly during the day if I have chances to knit so they can be a surprise for him.  He’s not a huge sock fan, but I’m hoping if I make a cozy enough pair, he might wear them?

I’ve been eating up this book, The Dirty Life, and loving it so very much.  Highly recommend.  It’s the memoir of a city girl from NY who goes to interview a young farmer and ends up falling in love with him and the farm life.  It’s the story of their adventure together and it’s been very engaging as well as interesting to me, a girl who’s always dreamed a bit about living the farm life.

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philippa’s leksak


Oh my girl is so darling.  I just love that little face so much.  So I finished up her Leksak tunic last night and with just a bit of yarn left.  Yay!  I tried it on her this morning and snapped a few pictures (I didn’t even wait to block it first).  She is so cute, she seems really happy with it and was twirling around and then just toddled off to play with leaves and sticks.  It will be a great light pullover to throw on for a chilly morning.  This pattern was really fun, easy, and quick.  I have wanted to knit it ever since seeing it on Ginny’s girls, loving her choice of knits for their practicality and ease.  The yarn I used was just some random cheap yarn in my stash from my pre-knitting days, when I bought a bunch for a yarn tassel garland and for weaving.  I don’t plan to buy any more yarn of this nature, but also am too miserly to just throw it out, so I plan to use it up on some fun quick knits like this one.  This was my goal in learning how to knit, to be able to knit some clothes and practical items for my loved ones, and it brings so much joy to be able to do so at this point!  Plus they always seem to love it when I’ve made something for them.  I’ve been finishing up all of my WIPs so that I can begin working on sweaters for each of the kid’s birthdays coming up in November + December.  My needles will be busy!