leaf peeping

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October is North Carolina’s best month. I grew up in these hills, and though I spent some of my favorite years in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I always missed this the most about NC.  There is nothing like fall time here!  So, just in case you live somewhere where the leaves don’t turn, I thought I’d share it with you!

The last two Sundays we’ve been out trying to see and enjoy all the color this time of year offers us in the mountains here.  So we wandered up on the parkway one bitterly cold Sunday, along with all the other slow-driving “leaf peepers,” and ate a quick lunch in the car, hunting for color and playing with long icicles.  And we meandered about our own neighborhood the next Sunday afternoon, rooting ourselves in our own soil, seeing all the shades of yellow, green, brown, and red. Someone is finally getting into riding the strider bike and will possibly be getting his own for his birthday.

Fall, we don’t want you to end!  Stay, with all your color and warm light, your crinkling breezes and cool evenings.

Playing in the Leaves

Our Saturday began in the chilly cold dark, setting up for a yardsale in the dewey morning.  I sort of despise doing yard sales, but making $300 when everything is priced below $5 is pretty awesome.  We also were able to scout the neighborhood sale and found some great things for the kiddos.

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Later in the afternoon, we took the kids to ride their new toys at a nearby park and when we were back home, I was chopping veggies for stir fry and could hear screams and giggling outside where the kids were with Daddy.  Looking out the window, I see them raking a huge leaf pile and screaming and jumping in it.

Sometimes savoring the moment means dropping what you’re doing and running outside to join in the fun.

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