yarn along


I started this sweater for my nephew a bit ago, then had to rip it out after I split for sleeves and realized my stitch count was way off.  Second time around I have the sizing right, and am busy on the body of the it now.  I’ve been trying to devote all of my attention to it, but my free time for knitting/reading has been a bit less since starting school with Phoebe last week.  It will be late, but hopefully it will be worthwhile!

I’m still reading Moments & Days by Michelle Van Loon and have almost finished the first portion of the book on the Jewish calendar.  It is such a treasure to me to have a Jewish perspective on the feasts of the Lord, and even better that she shows how each feast/celebration finds their fulfillment in Jesus.  The design of God is brilliant.  I’m learning a lot!

I’m linking up with Ginny today and her weekly yarn along, where we share what we’re currently knitting + reading.