yarn along


I finished the little boy sweater for my nephew.  It’s blocking now, and I’m really happy with it!  I’ll share pics of it soon.  So now I’m working on a pair of socks for me, my first pair for myself.  I love them so far, though I think they have more “positive ease” than I realized, or whatever that means.  They are simple and cozy and so soft.

I’m still in the last few chapters of Moments and Days but this book, Slow Church, arrived at the library so I put other books on hold so I can maybe read it before its due back.  I can’t remember where I first heard about it but I was interested in it because of the way the authors address our current church culture, examining the way the wider cultural value on speed and efficiency has trickled into the way we approach and do church.  Borrowing from the “slow food” movement, the authors relate the McDonalization of our food to the “McDonalization” of our churches, viewing them as “spiritual filling stations, dispensaries of religious goods and services.”  Also, they had me at the byline: cultivating community in the patient way of Jesus.  Something in me stirred at those words–always, this hungering in us for community and something about the “patient” way of Jesus (such a good turn of phrase) that is always so counter to how we tend to do things.  We get away from His narrow way so quickly and easily, don’t we?  I’m enjoying the book so far and it makes me want to do a massive study on church.  Gah.

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