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October is finally here, even though it still feels like indian summer outside.  I saw this beautiful  book, The Wild Remedy, a few months ago but have waited to start reading it on the month that it begins in which is October as a way to celebrate the start of my favorite time of year.  It is a journal of sorts of the author’s monthly reflections and observations of nature in her part of the world as she discovered the benefits of doing so in battling her depression.  It is filled with her drawings, photography, descriptions, reflections, and even a bit about the research being done on the effects of spending time in nature on our mental health.  My plan was to read each month’s chapter during that month of the year but I don’t know, maybe I’ll just read it through more quickly.

I finished my nordiska (just need to weave in ends!) and so I cast on for another sweater, this time a featherweight cardigan.  I’ve knit one before in a light purple color and I love wearing it, but I needed a more fall-ish version.  I’ve wanted to try knitting with John Arbor yarn and this seemed like a good fit.  Even though knitting a cardigan means a lot of purling on the wrong-side rows, I still remember this knit going fairly quickly and being soothing/mindless.  So far I am really enjoying it.

Happy fall, everyone!

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